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Give Your Skills For Good

Your skills are valuable. Unfortunately, many nonprofits can't pay for professional services such as copywriting, graphic design, or website development. This type of work is essential to building operational effectiveness, but it is often left on the to-do list while the nonprofit focuses on its critical mission work.

That's where you come in. By volunteering for a project, or even just getting on a phone call to provide advice, you are giving so much more than your time. You are supporting organizational growth, which enables nonprofits to have an even greater social good impact.

Majeid from New Community Leadership Foundation listed a Salesforce Training project.

Cyrina from The Remake Project listed a Flexible Copywriting Support project.

Crista matched with Jan from Kalmar Nyckel Foundation for a Translation project!

Tosha from A.C.R.E.S. listed an Email Layout & Template project.

Jen from Education For All Children listed a Data & Analytics consultation call.

Sion matched with Ann from Gammelgarden Museum of Scandia for a Flexible Graphic Design Support project!

Julia from Menifee Valley Boys & Girls Club listed an Event Slideshow Creation project.

Alexis from Re-use Hawaii listed a Google Ads Campaign Support project.

Yangyang matched with Hector from Bright by Three for a Google Analytics Reporting project!

Rosie matched with Amy from MOSTe: Motivating Our Students Through Experience for a Print Materials Design project!

Graciela from Los Padres ForestWatch listed a Marketing Strategy consultation call.

Angie matched with Janet from Joey's Foundation for a Visual Brand Guide project!

Morita matched with Denise from SPRINGFIELD SCHOOL VOLUNTEERS for a Compensation Plan project!

Masako from Veteran Women's Enterprise Center listed a Facebook Ads Set Up project.

Selma from Gardeneers listed an Illustration project.

Kristen matched with Lynne from Changing Tides Foundation for a Branded Digital Assets project!

Ana matched with lindsay from Friends of the Inyo for an Illustration project!

Graciela from Los Padres ForestWatch listed a Social Media Audit project.

Huilan matched with Sunaina from Generation Citizen for a Translation project!

Meagan from Refugee Community Partnership listed a Leadership Coaching project.

Michaela matched with Christine from Guardian Angel Settlement Association for a Brochure Graphic Design project!

Christine from Guardian Angel Settlement Association listed a Brochure Graphic Design project.

Evelyn matched with Hector from Bright by Three for a Website User Experience project!

Hannah matched with Sarah from WestMass ElderCare for a Brand Messaging consultation call!

Linda matched with Natasha from Amara Legal Center Inc for an Employee Handbook project!

Kubrat from The Young Creators and Visionaries Collaborative listed a Social Media Content Calendar project.

Jess from Five Star Senior Center Inc listed a Brochure Graphic Design project.

Eram matched with Cassandra from Caring Solutions for a Storytelling project!

Jordan matched with Gloria from Archangels of Merci Inc for a Website consultation call!

Jordan matched with Stacey from Douglass Community Association for an Artificial Intelligence consultation call!

Katie from Autism Community Network listed a Presentation Creation project.

Sean matched with Roger from Chitown Champions for a Website Audit project!

Asha from The Dinner Table Documentary Inc listed a Program Strategy & Goals project.

Stacey from New Braunfels Youth Collaborative listed a Flexible Graphic Design Support project.

Victoria matched with Priscilla from New Jersey Consortium for Immigrant Children for a Translation project!

Renata from St. Louis Community Foundation, School Transformation Fund listed a Brand Messaging consultation call.

Jim matched with LaToya from Pound the Rock Foundation (PTRF) for a Brand Messaging consultation call!

Amanda matched with Dean from Hendricks Foundation inc for a Website Audit project!

Kendra from Community Outreach Coalition listed a Storytelling project.

Amber from The Pink Berets listed a Logo Design project.

Judy matched with Andrew from Braata Productions for a Board Operations & Systems project!

Kelcey from Girls on the Run of Bexar County listed a Video Editing project.

Sanjay matched with Soline from Divine Truth Ministry for an Artificial Intelligence consultation call!

Jonathan matched with Daniela from Orcas Family Connections DBA Orcas Community Resource Center for an Artificial Intelligence consultation call!

Shreyans matched with Jill from Boys & Girls of the Northern Neck for a Website consultation call!

Bryan matched with Anne from Nurses for Newborns for a Brand Messaging consultation call!

Nia matched with Emily from San Francisco Youth Theatre for a Google Analytics Reporting project!

Shawn matched with Sallie from Homeward Bound of Marin for a Visual Branding consultation call!

Rena from Great Pyrenees Rescue Society, Inc. listed a Thank You Letter project.

miguel matched with Jose from San Mateo County Sheriff's Office CARON Program for an Artificial Intelligence consultation call!

How It Works

Support a cause you care about by volunteering for a project or consultation call. With over 150 different project types, there is an opportunity to give back that matches your skills and time availability.
1. Browse
Explore projects and questions posted by nonprofits based on your skills and causes you are passionate about.
2. Apply
Submit your application and resume to let the nonprofit know you are interested.
3. Match
When you and the organization decide it's a good fit, start working together!
Two ways to share your skills!
Consultation Calls
Get on the phone with a nonprofit to help answer burning questions, brainstorm organizational challenges, or give feedback.
Work with a nonprofit to complete critical projects such as graphic design, website development, copywriting, database customization, and more.

How Do You Want to Give Back?

Find projects that match your skills and interest areas

What Other Volunteers are Saying

“Working with Tecnosol was a wonderful experience – they provided me with all the information I needed to write a comprehensive donor letter. Plus it was wonderful to be able to contribute to such an impactful organization.”
Elle Freelance Writer and Agency Copywriter, worked with Tecnosol
“I joined Catchafire because I wanted to give something back to inspirational non-profit organizations and charities, as well as build my portfolio. I have already had the opportunity to work with some amazing people from several organizations. I highly recommend Catchafire to professionals who are interested in getting involved.”
Sharon Freelance Designer, Five Projects Completed

Catchafire is an online platform for virtual, skills-based volunteering. Through Catchafire, professionals are able to directly support causes they care about by helping nonprofits with projects that match their skill sets. And because projects can be completed from anywhere, Catchafire makes it possible for nonprofits and skilled volunteers to connect for good, from all around the world!

Skills-based volunteering is a high impact form of volunteering that allows individuals to donate their professional skills and expertise, which in turn allows a nonprofit to build its capacity and focus more efficiently on its mission.

Skilled volunteers help nonprofits fill critical knowledge and staffing gaps, they work as thought partners on strategic projects, and they complete specific projects that require specialized skills, training, or experience. Very often, the relationships between volunteers and nonprofits extend far beyond the scope of the initial project that brought them together.

A specific example of skills-based volunteering is a marketing professional who volunteers to help a nonprofit create a marketing strategy.

The nonprofit will review your application to decide whether they want to move forward with an interview. If so, you will be contacted by Catchafire to schedule the call. Nonprofits are encouraged to decide promptly, but there is no set timeline for when they will reply.

After the interview, you can log into your account dashboard and ACCEPT or PASS on the match. Once both parties accept, you are officially matched and can begin the project. If you need to exchange any materials or have follow-up conversations to determine if it is a good fit after the interview, you are encouraged to do so.

Yes! All projects have been designed to allow you to work with the nonprofit organization remotely.

Projects vary in length from 1 to 50 hours, depending on the project type. Estimated hours are indicated for each project.

Yes! In fact, we recommend you apply to 2-4 projects at any given time. This will maximize your chances of matching. If you end up being selected for too many projects, you can always withdraw your application before or after you interview with the nonprofit. Once you say yes, we ask that you honor your commitment to work with the organization.

About this Program

Catchafire is working with major foundations throughout the Bay to strengthen local nonprofit organizations by connecting them with skilled, pro bono professionals.

Through these connections, we are hoping to build more connected communities and foster a culture of civic engagement that is an everyday part of life.

If you are interested in getting your community involved please contact Catchafire.

Have more questions? Drop us a line.

Email the Catchafire team at [email protected]